Jesus Christ is the Lord of all the earth!




Remember your Creator in the days of your youth,

before the days of trouble come and the years approach

when you will say, " I find no pleasure in them. "

Ecclesiastes 12:1.

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The time is now If At The Blue Sky/MP3

bt.jpg 17x17 The God's love. (New/192kbps)
bt.jpg 17x17 Have Mercy On Us.(New/192kbps)
bt.jpg 17x17 He is Risen! (Until 4-11-2010)

bt.jpg 17x17 Your Faithfulness I see.
MP3/192kbps. "New"

bt.jpg 17x17 The Promised/Playback
Melody: Sax Soprano.
[Christmas' Music]"New"

bt.jpg 17x17 Wishing/Playback/Melody: Violin.
[Christmas' Music]"New"

bt.jpg 17x17 Uma Alma A Mais. "New"
bt.jpg 17x17 Cria Em Mim Um Coração Puro. "New"
bt.jpg 17x17 Side By Side.
bt.jpg 17x17 I Knew a Friend.
bt.jpg 17x17 What Was Lost.
bt.jpg 17x17 Light of the world.
bt.jpg 17x17 Rejoice in Him.
bt.jpg 17x17 Hope.
bt.jpg 17x17 Don't Stress.
bt.jpg 17x17 Children Going Hungry.
bt.jpg 17x17 The Fruit Of The Spirit.
bt.jpg 17x17 He Made Us.

bt.jpg 17x17 Wishing.
bt.jpg 17x17 You Must Share!
bt.jpg 17x17 IT Is Christmas!
bt.jpg 17x17 Good News, Great Joy!
bt.jpg 17x17 Sleep My Baby.

Everything Will Be New! "New!"
You Are Exalted Forever! "New!"

Teach Me. "New!"
It is good to praise God. "New!"
Based on Matthew 1:20 and 21.Joseph, Mary And Christmas. "New!"
In My Heart.In My Heart. "New!"
The Kingdom Has Come! "New!"
Don't Lose Heart. "New!"
Based on Php. 2:9 to 11.JESUS IS LORD. "New!"
Based on Psalm 139.You Know Me.
Based on Ephesians 4:3-6.Unity.
bt.jpg 17x17One More Soul.
Always thanksgiving!Be Thankful. "New!"
bt.jpg 17x17Você é Mulher.

[03-08-06 Woman's International Day...]
bt.jpg 17x17God Bless All The States.
Based on Hebrews 13:15 and 16.A Sacrifice Of Praise.

bt.jpg 17x17 Estrela Perfeita.[Hágios]

bt.jpg 17x17 Ele Cuida de Mim

Baseado: Salmos 121.
bt.jpg 17x17 Tua presença.[Hágios]
bt.jpg 17x17 Comunhão.[Hágios]
bt.jpg 17x17 Sal e Luz.
bt.jpg 17x17 Felicidade.
bt.jpg 17x17 Entrega.
bt.jpg 17x17 Proteção.
bt.jpg 17x17 Firme na Fé!
bt.jpg 17x17 Faça de mim um instrumento.
bt.jpg 17x17 Quem é o Senhor Jesus?
bt.jpg 17x17 Eu Sou...
bt.jpg 17x17 Que Amor Especial.
bt.jpg 17x17 Photos...
bt.jpg 17x17 New Photos…

bt.jpg 17x17Pastoral.[ Pr. Valdir Mateos]
bt.jpg 17x17Celebrai Com Júbilo Ao Senhor.
bt.jpg 17x17Uma Nova Aliança.
bt.jpg 17x17Livre.[Hágios]
bt.jpg 17x17O Tempo Passa.[Hágios]
bt.jpg 17x17Alerta.[Hágios]

bt.jpg 17x17The Promised.(Voice/Key:F)

bt.jpg 17x17Sons Of God.(Key:E)

bt.jpg 17x17Light  To My Path.

bt.jpg 17x17We Talk About Jesus.

bt.jpg 17x17He Heard My Cry For Mercy.
bt.jpg 17x17Love Must Be Sincere.
bt.jpg 17x17The Wise And The Wine.
bt.jpg 17x17Many Are The Wonders!
bt.jpg 17x17Love Deeply.
bt.jpg 17x17Honor, Glory And Power!
bt.jpg 17x17Who Fears The Lord.

bt.jpg 17x17A New Alliance.
bt.jpg 17x17How Majestic Is Your Name.
bt.jpg 17x17Help is on the way.
bt.jpg 17x17By Him and for Him.
bt.jpg 17x17Don't be a slave.
bt.jpg 17x17God Cares About You.
bt.jpg 17x17Thanksgiving.
bt.jpg 17x17The God of Jacob.
bt.jpg 17x17They Shall Glorify.
bt.jpg 17x17The Angel Of The Lord.
bt.jpg 17x17Answer Me.

bt.jpg 17x17Jesus'Peace.
bt.jpg 17x17His Mercy.
bt.jpg 17x17You Take Care.
bt.jpg 17x17Faithful.
bt.jpg 17x17Not To Us.
bt.jpg 17x17God Has Prepared.
bt.jpg 17x17Sing to our King.
bt.jpg 17x17Psalm 134.
bt.jpg 17x17I Do Not Walk Alone.

bt.jpg 17x17Fortress.
bt.jpg 17x17Whatever We Do.
bt.jpg 17x17Spirit Of Truth.
bt.jpg 17x17Build Each Other Up!
bt.jpg 17x17Soldier of Christ.
bt.jpg 17x17The Fool Says.
bt.jpg 17x17Lonely.
bt.jpg 17x17Who Is Like You?
bt.jpg 17x17We Do Not Belong To The Night.
bt.jpg 17x17Wake Up.
bt.jpg 17x17You Show His Love To Me.
bt.jpg 17x17Everything Comes From You.

bt.jpg 17x17Holiness.
bt.jpg 17x17When I Called.
bt.jpg 17x17He Is My Rock.
bt.jpg 17x17Bless The Lord, O My Soul.
bt.jpg 17x17Be Happy!