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Welcome to the PSALM site.
I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here.
Please just relax and forget the cares of the world.
Listen to some music - the songs are in a wide variety of styles -
you could even sing along!

There are poems and stories to read too,
if singing isn't for you. Play some games, send a card or enjoy some applets!

This is a Christian site - neither "churchy" nor "religious"-
but certainly Christian!

I aim to spread the Good News of the Gospel a little further
in what I hope is a simple and direct way.

P.S.A.L.M. can also be translated as
"Please Sing A Lovely Melody".
I hope that you will find here melodies - both lively and lovely - to enjoy.

Featured song:

Those Who Love The Lord

Memories of John

Memories of Elizabeth

This site was originally created by the late Elizabeth and John Tolson. The contents of their site has been pieced together from files sent by their daughter, Barbara. - Elton Smith, November 2007

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its unique and very nice site,im glad to get this site by chance.keep it up.God bless you in Jesus name
joseph josiah
now I'll stay tuned..
Dear Friends,
I am so greatful that you restored this page. It has been a comfort to me many times. I learned about it after I left a comment on Songs of Praise and Elizabeth emailed me. Not having my own computer, I did not visit often, and so was surprised to see it disappear. I kept checking, and today I found it. Thank you again for giving this site a place on the web.
In Him who will keep us from falling,
Shirley Davis
"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." So my mother used to say and I keep wishing I had given them a 'phone call. They were such lovely people, so down to earth.
Arnold Adams

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