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Simply Christmas

Days until Christmas!
Featured song: Advent Candles

We are often asked exactly what we do at a P.S.A.L.M. evening.
It is difficult to explain, but in the "Simply Christmas" section
we are going to attempt to give you the programme that we are asked
to do each December!
We only do it twice each year so that it keeps its freshness and appeal.
A P.S.A.L.M. programme is designed to be a shared experience.
Although enjoyable, it is not an entertainment.
While John provides the music and Elizabeth acts as presenter,
we rely on the audience to sing!
Remember, Elizabeth is a storyteller and so the way the stories are told
varies with each particular audience.
Although she used a voice recognition program to "write" the Presenter pieces
given here, there is remarkably little eye-contact
or response to be had from a computer screen!

This is a slightly different view of Christmas -
but one which we hope takes us back to the real reasons for the season!
First the programme itself.
There are links to all the Presenter pieces, readings and songs.
Work through the programme in any way you wish -
we trust you will find it worthwhile and perhaps give you some new insights into this
most joyful time of the year.


Praise: O Come All Ye Faithful
Presenter:Simply Christmas Introduction
Reading:Isaiah 9: 2-7
Presenter:Advent Candles Presentation
Carol:Advent Candles
Presenter:Christmas Angels
Carol:Christ's Birth or
Reading:Luke 2: 1-7
Carol:Sussex Carol
and/or "Calypso Carol" by Michael Perry/Jubilate Hymns
Reading:Luke 2: 8-20
Carol:The Gift
Carol:In The Bleak Mid-Winter
(possible solo using the version by Harold Darke)
Carol:We Three Kings
Presenter:Christmas Visitors
Praise Medley:A Host of Angels!
Presenter:Emmanuel - God With Us (Psalm 132)
Praise:"Lord Jesus Christ, You Have Come To Us"
By Patrick Appleford
Unto Us A Boy Is Born!

Please note:
There are many other carols which can be used.
Those listed above are only one set of possibilities.
We often include some from John L. Bell's book of 17 Christmas songs.
It is called "Innkeepers and Light Sleepers"
and is published in Glasgow by Wild Goose Publications for the Iona Community.

Two Stories for Christmas
"The Daughter" and "The Camel Driver"

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