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Advent Candles

Now we'll light the candles,
Candles in a ring;
So that they will light the way
For our coming King.
Ev'ry year they help us count
By their bright array
And remember why Christ came
On that Christmas Day!

Thinking of God's promise
As we light the first:
Darkness He will overthrow
For our God is just!
Jesus is our only light
And through Him we pray
And remember why Christ came
On that Christmas Day!

Prophets with a message
Of how Christ would come
To redeem a fallen world;
Calling us back home.
Guide us by this candle's flame;
May we never stray
But remember why Christ came
On that Christmas Day!

John's voice in the desert
Said: "Christ's way prepare;
Crooked roads must be made straight,
Or God's wrath you'll share!"
Help us to repent our sins;
Light for us a way
To remember why Christ came
On that Christmas Day!

Mary was so willing;
Bearing God's own Son:
Only by this Gift to us
Was our pardon won.
These four candles help us think
Of debts we can't repay
And remember why Christ came
On that Christmas Day!

Copyright (c) Elizabeth & John Tolson 1997.

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About this song

The Advent Ring - with it's four candles - was the traditonal way to count the weeks leading up to Christmas.
One candle was lit on the first Sunday in Advent;
and another added on each of the next three Sundays.
This meant that on Christmas Eve there was a ring of candles of different lengths
(provided, of course, that candles were always lit in the correct order!)

This song is designed to grow by one verse on each Sunday;
with two verses being sung on the first occasion.
(This is a good idea especially if children are lighting the candles for the first candle is
always notoriously difficult to light and small fingers - no matter how expertly guided
- often fumble!)
There are slight variations in the meaning given for the four candles but the most widely accepted seems to be:
1: God's Promise as found in the Bible;
2: The Prophets foretelling the coming of Christ;
3: John the Baptist;
4: Mary.
There is also disagreement on the number of candles!
Some rings have a central larger candle to be lit
on Christmas Day itself which, of course, represents Christ.

However many candles you light,
it is still an attractive way of remembering
great Bible truths and promises
and thinking of a time when not every one could read,
not everyone had a Bible
and the candles gave the message
in the days before electric lights!

28th September 1998



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Nice tune for Christmas.
God Bless
Thank you for this beautiful faith song. God bless you, the talent given you have been shared, share more of it.
Great Work!....

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