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Simply Christmas Introduction


Hear this read by Elizabeth:
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Simply Christmas - Simply Christmas??
- it's anything but simple these days.
There's the tree to buy and decorate, the turkey and food to prepare
and all those presents to wrap.
And then there are........THE CARDS........choosing them, writing them
and remembering to post them on time!

Somehow, what it really means seems to be disappearing from view
in all the business - the busyness - of our modern, complicated "celebrations"!

A baby was born 2,000 years ago - a baby who changes everything -
God's gift to the world - but certainly not gift wrapped!

Have you ever noticed how the contents of the fanciest parcels
sometimes disappoint the most?
You remove the lovely bows, wrestle with the sticky tape,
rip off the paper, take the lid off the box and
.....what's inside??....polystyrene beans!

That can't be it...more paper... and then you have it in your hand
and you say
"Oh thank you.....How lovely!.....
What is it?....Ohhhhhhhh! really".....
And you put it down and start on the next parcel
which has just got to be less of a disappointment.
Has it happened to you?
Or, even worse, has it happened to a present you gave?

But God's gift - simply wrapped - will never disappoint
and will last forever.

But it isn't Christmas yet,
so let's start at the beginning with the prophet Isaiah.

copyright(c): Elizabeth Tolson 1998.

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