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(Isaiah 11 & 9)



Prophecies old fulfilled at Christmas
Tell of peace in manger and stall.
A lion and lamb will lie down together
When a Child shall lead them all.
A branch shall grow from out of Jesse -
A standard true for nations to seek.
He shall gather outcasts and strangers,
Those oppressed and humbly meek.
When they trust in His salvation,
Fear is gone and spirits lift.
They sing praises to the highest,
For the glorious gift.


Joy shall come to those in darkness,
When light breaks out as with the sun.
They rejoice as at the harvest -
Plenty shared when work is done.
In the light all nations flourish,
Yoke and staff no more hold sway.
Joy increases with the dawning
Of the glorious day.


For now, to us a Child is born,
O'er the whole world His rule will extend.
Mighty God with Counsel Wonderful,
Father whose love will never end.
From His throne and o'er His Kingdom,
Prince of Peace of David's line,
'Stablishes both right and justice
At this glorious time

Copyright (c) Elizabeth & John Tolson 1997

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