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Bethlehem, David's town,
And a donkey carries a weary girl.
By her side walks a man
Who must bring her safely to the town.
Journey on towards Bethlehem,
Weary though you may be;
All earth waits for your little Son,
God's Gift from sin sets us free!

Bethlehem has no room
For a worried man and a tired girl.
All he finds in this town
Is a stable and a bed of straw.
Mary cradles her new born Son,
Joseph stands by the door.
Full of wonder he welcomes guests -
Poor shepherds who come to adore.

Bethlehem calls us still
To the Child who sleeps by that special girl.
God in Christ, David's Son,
With the power on earth to set us free.
Give your heart now at Bethlehem,
Enter in without fear.
He is longing to welcome all
Who come and meet with Him here.

God's own Son, at Bethlehem,
Still waits for us to hear His call.

Copyright (c) Elizabeth & John Tolson 1998

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When Elizabeth was writing the words for this song
she suddenly realised that,
although everyone talks about the manger filled with straw,
it seems to be forgotten that straw would be all that Mary had for a bed too.

How would Joseph feel about that? He was trying to take such good care of Mary.

So that night there would be real weariness, anxiety and apprehension
as the couple journeyed towards inhospitable Bethlehem where everyone
was too busy to notice them.

It is still all too easy to miss the significance of the couple in the stable with the new born Baby.



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