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Those Who Love The Lord

Romans 8: 26-37

In every life come days of pain
When faith seems far, hard to retain:
But still His love shines through.
God works for good in everything,
His purpose sure is flourishing
To those who love the Lord.

When life brings on so dark a day
That words can fail us when we pray:
But still His love shines through.
The Spirit pleads before the throne
And in His sighs our needs are known
For those who love the Lord.

For what can stand against God's might?
He stands beside us in the fight:
But still His love shines through.
Nought separates us from His love;
It streams upon us from above
To those who love the Lord.

copyright ©: Elizabeth & John Tolson 1998.



The Bible verses on which this song is based are so well known -
so well loved - and so often mis-quoted!

How many times have you heard someone say:
"All things work together for good!"
but they stop there and fail to complete the verse.

"We know that in everything God works for good
with those who love Him,
who are called according to His purpose."

And so the whole passage becomes one of great comfort for Christians.
We are not exempt from life's problems -
but we have the Greatest of Helpers to sustain us!

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i wanted and needed so badly your words of comfort and encouragement... ni pray that this page earns u a beautiful gem to add to your crown in heaven ... for allowing the word nof God to pass thru you... OUT of you ... and surely for it's clarity " shall not return unto HIm void".

god bless and keep you till his appearing

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