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Simple Arithmetic?

Ten little churchgoers said "We're doing fine!"
Till a golf club claimed one, then there were nine.

Nine little churchgoers, not all considerate,
Caused one to feel unwelcome, then there were eight.

Eight little churchgoers aspiring towards Heaven
But one became an atheist, reducing them to seven

Seven little churchgoers in dogmatic fix
Scared one off with rules and "regs" - leaving only six.

Six little churchgoers striving still to thrive
One lay longer in his bed - and then there were five.

Five little churchgoers found praying such a chore -
One gave up completely - then there were four.

Four little churchgoers sang choruses with glee
But one of them was out of tune with the other three.

Three little churchgoers all caught a dose of 'flu'
No-one called on one of them - then there were two.

Two little churchgoers unsure what could be done
Had a difference of opinion - leaving only one.

One little Christian, knowing what to do
By praying, praising, witnessing soon became two.

Two little Christians, as a faithful core
Converted soon another two, adding up to four.

Four little Christians, their faith did demonstrate
By doubling their number - resulting now in eight.

Eight little Christians witnessed more and more
Until their church was full of - Christians galore!

If we are churchgoers, Lord, grant us grace that we
May soon turn into Christians by walking close to Thee.

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