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Tickets Please!

There was a message in the mail from a friend and one part set me thinking. It said:

"This morning I called on the phone and ordered 2 tickets for
The Holy Land Experience
in Orlando, Florida. Last night I visited their site on the net, and found that the price of tickets has increased $5 since they opened at this time last year. The tickets don't expire, so if there is another price increase it won't affect me."

I went and checked the site – and it’s true.
"Tickets are good any day and do not expire."

So now our friend can plan her trip knowing that, if something "comes up" at the last moment, the entrance tickets are still valid to this experience of a lifetime. Something that is educational, inspirational, theatrical and historical – all at the same time.

How comforting! How reassuring to know that all this is just waiting for her. And it will be to the “Holy Land” – or something close to it – that she will be seeing. I'm sure Jerusalem will be there, perfect every detail.

But what about the new Jerusalem – the city of pure gold, with walls of jasper and every precious stone? No temple there for God and the Lamb are its temple. No need for the sun or moon to shine on it for the glory of God gives it light. All those wonderful descriptions we read in the book of Revelation! We need a ticket to enter there too – a heart which knows and acknowledges
Jesus as Lord.

A ticket like that will truly last forever – and will be fresh and new when it is finally needed. No matter just when we accept this priceless thing it will admit us to an eternity in the Holy City!

On the other hand, my friend’s tickets must be kept in a safe place or they may be inclined to become a little dog-eared or crack along the folds!

Co-incidentally, our friend used to buy little cards in a Christian bookstore with verses from Scripture on them. She used to hand the cards out to cashiers in grocery stores and restaurants and she found it so rewarding when people said, “I REALLY needed that today", after reading the message on the card.

One card had the picture of a ticket on it and the message
"Do you have your ticket to heaven?" The verse quoted
was John 3: 16.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."


Yes, that is Who paid our entrance fee to Heaven – Who bought our ticket with His life – and all we have to do is accept His priceless gift to experience, not just a lifetime with Him,
but eternity!

© copyright: Elizabeth M. Tolson 17th February 2002

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