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You'll Never Miss It!

Disaster struck in the kitchen about two weeks ago. I opened the door of the refrigerator – and couldn't see a thing! It was so dark in there – whatever had happened to the light?

Just a bulb gone I thought, so I called John and with some difficulty he managed to remove the bulb only to find that there was nothing wrong with it all. The problem had to lie with the switch but the sort of switch, which operates the light inside a 'fridge', works the opposite way to most switches. So the replacement had to be the correct sort.

We looked up the paper work on the 'fridge' – and that was when we discovered that we bought it in 1979! Not surprisingly the part was obsolete but when John telephoned the company anyway he was told that they could "probably find something, which would do."

A few days later they did just that. John fitted the new switch and light was restored!

But, oh, those days when we had no light! Only 15 watts, but we missed it so much! You see, when the door is open, it blocks the light from the kitchen window so the refrigerator interior is SO dark! And our eyes aren't as sharp as they were, so we seemed to be always having to remove objects to see just what they were!

"Is that the last tub of yoghurt?" "No, there must be at least 3 still in there!" You can imagine how it was.
Who would ever miss a little light like that? Well, we did just as soon as it was gone!

That little incident set me thinking – what would we never miss until it was gone?

And I kept remembering a verse from Genesis:

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to care for it." Gen.1:15

This wonderful creation, given into our care! Such a tragedy that we have failed to care for it the way the Creator intended and already we miss things which previous generations enjoyed. With all our pesticides we have not eradicated a single insect species – but with the higher animals, birds and fish we have been much more successful.

Where are Scotland's wolves now? The last one was shot in the 18th century – by someone indulging in "country pursuits".

We can only look at pictures of the herring fleets, which used to follow the vast shoals of fish. Now there are strict rules in an effort to conserve the fish stocks not just of herring but of haddock and cod too.

This year the Kittiwake (a sea bird) breeding colonies on the cliffs in the Northern Isles have failed to produce a single chick. There are not enough sand eels to feed them. A result of climate change perhaps as well as over fishing?

Global warming may produce hot summers for some, but here we have more rain in July and August and the wind speeds are increasing all the year round. There is even a possibility that the North Atlantic Drift – the Gulf Stream which gives us our temperate maritime climate – will change its direction. Then the UK would revert to the climate of similar latitudes – Labrador and Moscow!
We all love to complain about the weather but we will miss our climate when it is changed forever.
This list could be endless and every country has a similar list.

What a mess the world, which we were given to "care for", is in! This is what greed and selfishness can do. Yet nothing seems to stop us. After all, fossil fuels will always be there (at the lowest possible cost to us!) to satisfy our need, our greed, for easy transport, heating etc. – won't they? And we couldn't live without our cars and gadgets, could we?

Fossil fuels? You will never miss them – until they are gone!

Our grandchildren are fortunate, for they can still hear the Skylarks sing in the fields behind our house; still see the Pink Feet Geese return from Greenland every September; still watch the Brown Trout swim in the clear water of the Kirk Burn; still see the butterflies and the deer; still breathe unpolluted air. Will their grandchildren have the same memories and experiences – or will they only read about such things in books or watch them on the latest DVD?

This poor old world - we have all been so centred on ourselves and what we must have, that we just haven't cared for it at all and……..

we'll never miss it – until it is gone!

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to care for it." Gen.1:15

©copyright: Elizabeth M Tolson 10th August 2001


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