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I Don't Like Bananas!

Yes, that’s right – I don’t like bananas – for a very good reason. A very good reason to me, that is!

I hadn’t thought about it for a long time but friend Judy mentioned in an e-mail that she had been to a “cakewalk” and won three cakes. While she gave two away, she just had to keep her favourite – Banana and Nut. Now that would have been the first cake I would have given away to a good home…….

This particular dislike goes back to when I was a small – about 4 years old in fact. You see I was born during the 2nd World War when food was rationed and many goods unobtainable – bananas among them.
It was 1 egg each per week; 2 ozs of cheese and so on. In fact sweets (candy) only came off ration in 1953 in time for the Queen’s Coronation!

Oranges I knew and loved – and children were given free orange juice – but bananas were an unknown quantity. And my grandmother would put apples and pears from her garden in a big box and send it by train from the south of England to my mother and I in Scotland. Each fruit was carefully wrapped in paper and never one of them damaged by the journey.

Everyone would say "Just wait until you taste a banana!" "Bananas are SO good!"

The war ended when I was 3 – and about a year after that I saw my first banana. It looked just like the pictures I had seen. It was carefully peeled and cut into slices and I was offered the first slice!

I popped it in my mouth, pulled a face and spat it out. “No juice!” I wailed as I rushed to wash out my mouth with water…..

Everyone had told me how wonderful bananas were – but hadn’t thought to mention their peculiar texture. And how could I know about that until I tried one?

As a result, to this day I try to avoid eating bananas – the texture brings that first tremendous disappointment.

And the moral of this story? To tell things exactly how they are – and not assume knowledge that does not exist.

That applies to Christianity as much as to everything else. In something as simple as asking someone to come to church with us, do we only say how wonderful the fellowship is – but fail to mention that churches are full of forgiven sinners, so there will be bickering and disagreements? The reality of the situation in fact. How often have I heard it said that “churches are full of hypocrites “? People who have found out that churches were not all they were led to believe them to be.

So, "tell the truth and shame the devil".

Perhaps I would like bananas, if I had been told more about them…….

© copyright: Elizabeth M. Tolson 29th November 2000

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