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A Sticky Situation!

Hear this read by Elizabeth:
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Did you know that if an ant is given a piece of good news,
the first thing it wants to do is share it? It's true! If you were to place an ant beside a piece if sticky, gooey, delicious toffee
(or candy, if you prefer to call it that), have you any idea what would happen?
I do not for a moment suggest that you actually carry out this experiment -
Mum (or Mom) would have a thousand and one objections -
just listen to what would happen!

The ant would go up to the sweet and have one little taste, only one
(this is to make quite sure that it is toffee and that it is good to eat).
It will then walk all round the candy, first one way and then the other
(this is to make sure that it knows exactly where the sweet is).

What happens next, happens very quickly. Suddenly the ant isn't there any more.
It has vanished and it has left that lovely food supply.

But, almost as suddenly, hundreds of ants appear - all the original ant's
friends and relations in fact. You see, the ant couldn't keep that piece of good news
to itself - and a sticky toffee is very good news to an ant!

And so all of the other ants share in its wonderful discovery.

And, if we really think about it, one single ant would never have managed to eat
that entire sweet all on its own. I don't know if ants can have indigestion
but that ant would certainly have been in danger of having bad indigestion -
if it hadn't shared its good news.

Wouldn't it be lovely if people, if Christians, were like that ant?
After all we have the best Good News in the world - knowing that God loved
each one of us so much that He sent Jesus to take away the bad things in our lives
when He died on Good Friday. But that wasn't the end of the Good News
for Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday and He is alive today.
And after that, at Pentecost, God even sent the Holy Spirit
to help us to live the way He wants us to.

Now isn't that a piece of Good News that is too good not to share
with all our friends and relations?

copyright: Elizabeth Tolson 1999

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