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The Cracked Water Jar

Once upon a time in India, there was a servant who had to fetch
the water for his master from the well every day. To do this he had
two large jars, which he hung one from each end of a pole
which he carried across his neck. They were heavy and it was
a long walk to the well but the servant had a good master
and he didn't mind the walk or the work at all.

Both of the water jars looked exactly the same but, if you looked
very carefully you could see that there was a tiny crack in one jar.
And so on the way back from the well - drip, drip, drip -
the water would gradually leak out of that jar and splash
on to the side on the path.

The poor cracked jar was very sad that it only succeeded in bringing
half the amount of water home each day that perfect jar did.
After two years the jar plucked up courage
to tell the servant how it felt and to apologize.

"Why should you feel like that?", said the servant,
" I knew all about that little crack - in fact I made use of it."
"How could you do that?" asked the jar eagerly.
"Just look around you", replied the servant
" Do you see the flowers growing by the side of the path?"

And the jar looked and there certainly were beautiful flowers
growing all along the way.
"Do you notice anything strange? Do you see where they are growing?"
"Why, they only grow on one side of the path,"
said the surprised water jar.
"That's because I knew you leaked and so I sowed some flower seeds
along your side of the path. For two years now I've been able to pick
fresh flowers every day to decorate my master's table.
And I couldn't have done that if you hadn't watered them through
that little crack. So, you see, I like you just the way you are.
You are a very special water jar!"

And that is exactly the way it is with God for He loves us
just the way we are - and can even make good use of some of the things that are wrong with us.
Nothing goes to waste with God
and every one of us is special to Him.

6th February 1999

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