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The Waiting Game


"Oh, I wish it was Christmas................I can't wait!"

"Oh, I wish the holidays were here.......the days seem so long!"

"Oh, I wish it was my birthday....I want those presents now!"

"Oh, I wish it was tomorrow..and the school tests were all over!"

Have you ever said anything like that?

Of course you have - and so have I!

Waiting is never easy.

Here is a story about waiting
and this is the right time of year to tell it
- as we all wait for Christmas
and the exciting things that are sure to happen then.

It's winter.

It's a time of long nights and very short days.

Here, in Scotland it isn't properly light
until about 10 o 'clock in the morning -
and we are switching the lights back on again
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Everyone is glad to pull the curtains - the drapes -
together to shut out the cold night
and find something to do that keeps us warm and snug indoors.

We all wait for Spring -
and the warmth of last summer seems so far away.

The birds and animals wait too -
and they do not have the advantage of centrally heated homes.

How do they manage?

A hive of honey bees has it all worked out!
If a beekeeper lifted the top off one of his hives just now
(one of the old fashioned round ones is best!),
what would he see?

He would see a solid mass of honey bees
and all of them, except one, are worker bees.
It may be winter but they are all still working.
All the time the bees are moving;
those on the outside are working their way to the middle
and those in the middle are moving to the outside.
And because they are moving,
not one is too cold and not one is too hot.

They work to keep the one special bee, the Queen,
who lives right at the centre,
safe and protected and warm
right through the dark days of winter.

When Spring comes that hive will be ready
and all the waiting - and the working - will seem worth while.

Waiting is never easy..............

Waiting for Christmas........the holidays........

a birthday......Jesus' birthday.

Or even waiting for Jesus to come again........

When He comes,

will He find us working

- for Him -

while we wait?

copyright : Elizabeth Tolson
27th November 1998

Please Note

It is never a good idea to lift the top off a beehive -
unless, of course, you are an expert beekeeper!

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