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Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day

Two special days for mothers!
Celebrated at different times in different countries.
In the U.S.A.,
Mother's Day takes place at the beginning of May each year:
Here, in the U.K., Mothering Sunday moves around a little!
This is because it is always the middle Sunday in Lent -
the day when girls in service were given the day off -
provided they visited their mothers!
Some would take a cake and tradition has it
that it was often a Simnel Cake.

The Mothering Sunday Carol explains it more fully!

The other name for Mothering Sunday was Refreshment Sunday
when, for just one day, delicacies given up for the rest of Lent,
could be enjoyed!

To work out the date of Mothering Sunday in any year,
take the date of Easter Sunday and work backwards!

Then four Sundays are as follows:
Mothering Sunday;
Passion Sunday;
Palm Sunday;
Easter Sunday!

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