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The Voyage of the "Wanderer"

Jamie had always wanted to have a toy boat of his own.
One with sails and rigging that could really sail on its own - and not just be pulled along through the water attached to a piece of string.
Jamie's Dad had promised to help him make one but, like most Dads, he was often busy and so Jamie had to wait for what seemed a very long time before the work could start.

When they did start, it was harder than Jamie thought it would be...His fingers got quite sore with shaping and sanding the wood for the hull
and making the rigging and the sails seemed to take for ever.
At last the day came when the wonderful boat could be launched - in proper style -
"I name this ship "Wanderer" - may God bless her and all who sail her!" said Jamie as he splashed some orange juice over her bows and gently placed her in the pond.
It was great fun sailing "Wanderer" - for a while. Then Jamie began to be think that it would be much more fun to sail his boat in the sea - the beach was close to his house.
Jamie knew that his Dad had said he mustn't - that "Wanderer" would sail away too quickly for Jamie to catch.
"I'll only do it once", said Jamie as he ran down to the beach.
But Jamie's Dad was right for "Wanderer" didsail away much too quickly for Jamie to catch.
And so Jamie lost his beautiful boat and he knew that it had been all his fault.

Several weeks passed and, as Jamie was looking in the window of a second hand shop one day, he was delighted to see his boat in the middle of the window.
In he dashed, told the shopkeeper it was his boat and asked for it back.
"Oh no,"said the shopkeeper,"I bought it from someone who found it on the beach
and so you will have to buy it from me".
Jamie didn't think this was very fair but he asked the man not to sell "Wanderer" until he had the money to buy her.

It took six week's of extra chores before Jamie could go back and reclaim his boat.

As he hugged "Wanderer" to him, he said
"I made you - you sailed away from me - I bought you back
- and now you are mine again!".

Where had he heard words like that before?
Then he remembered - it was the pastor last Sunday.

He had been talking about what God had done for every Christian by sending Jesus:
"I made you - you sailed away from Me - I bought you back -
and now you are Mine again."

Oh, and in case you are wondering -
from then on Jamie took good care of "Wanderer" -
in fact he even kept her to give to his son
and told him this story...

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