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30 Days Prayer Focus!

6th November 2002 5th December 2002

Coinciding with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan,
30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus is an international, interdenominational prayer event
focusing on the needs of Muslim nations.
It began in 1992 with just a handful of Christians -
today more than 30 million Christians take part worldwide.
The "30 Days" prayer guide is currently translated in 30 languages
and distributed from 35 regional offices around the globe.

The purpose of this prayer event is so that we, the Body of Christ,
would begin to grasp God's heart and purpose
for the Muslim world.
Greater breakthroughs for the Gospel are needed
as well as more missionaries to work among Muslim people.

This year it is even more important that Christians pray and
Ramadan is a strategic time for the Body of Christ to pray for Muslims.
Worldwide, Muslims believe that these 30 days of daily fasting,
during daylight hours, and fulfilling their required prayers
unites them as one "brotherhood" and is part of their hope for atonement.
With their heightened spirituality, there is no better time to pray for these people
that they would receive a revelation of God's grace and atonement for sin,
which is only found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Over the years, many Christians have devoted their entire lives
to reaching the Muslim world - often with little result.
Today, however, we are seeing that the Gospel is having a real impact.
We honour those who have served tirelessly among Muslims in the past,
and continue their work with our prayers today.

You can help by joining with others in prayer for the Muslim world
over these 30 days of Ramadan.
The daily prayer guides called "30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus"
are available from various offices around the world.
Check out the links to find an office near you!

There is also a daily E-Mail version - a condensed extract from the original.
To receive this, just send this E-mail

Remember, praying starts 6th November -
tell all your friends about it -
let's really break last year's record!

Find it difficult to pray?
Why not put up a little prayer for fasting Muslims
every time a TV commercial for food appears?!!

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